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The Dapto Agricultural & Horticultural (A&H) Society was established in 1857.


The first Agricultural and Horticultural Show was held on 4th Feb 1857 in Brownsville on the grounds owned by local, Mr John Brown, near the Dapto Steam Flour Mills along Mullet Creek.


In the late 1800s, Patrick Hill Osborne donated land to the Society, which was located on the main street of Dapto, providing a permanent home for the Society. In the preceding years, further land was acquired by the Society as its needs grew which contributed to its current footprint of approx. 22 acres. The land was held in trust until it was vested in 1993, at which time it was transferred from the individual trustees to the Dapto A&H Society.


Greyhound racing was established in 1937 and has served the local residents well both socially and economically over the years. Dapto Dogs has also become an iconic brand, recognised both nationally and internationally.


In addition to racing, the Showgrounds has over the past century offered a valuable community asset in the heart of Dapto. It is the home of the Dapto Rugby League Football Club, Dapto Markets, Illawarra Cancer Carers, Pigeon Club, Dapto Poultry Club etc. and also provides a venue for various sporting and entertainment events.

In 2018, the Society updated its structure from an Association Incorporated to a Company Limited by Guarantee and appointed its first board of directors. 

During the past 18 months, the board has developed a strategic plan to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the Society, which includes assessing current challenges and looking forward to future opportunities. As a result, 'The Society' is embarking on an innovative plan for the future.